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πŸŽͺ FreshHuddle, Berlin - Developer Platform Sessions, Hack Time, Networking and lots of yummy food 🌭 - DevRel Highlights

πŸŽͺ FreshHuddle, Berlin - Developer Platform Sessions, Hack Time, Networking and lots of yummy food 🌭 - DevRel Highlights

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Β·Sep 28, 2019Β·

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FreshHuddle is the official developer event for our(Freshworks) marketplace app developers. Developers huddle together for exciting feature announcements, informative sessions and share their knowledge over a span of 2 days.

After two successful FreshHuddles, we decided to do this one in Berlin. This time it was so exciting as we were joined by folks all over Europe! I had the opportunity to run the fundamental track and an advanced track session (on Freshchat app development). It was a thrilling experience. From the DevRel perspective, the following were some of the highlights -

Event Highlights:

  1. Fostering an inclusive community - In addition to people on the ground, the event was broadcast online for others to attend πŸŽ‰Engineers were assigned on a 1-to-1 manner even for remote attendees for the hack-time!

  2. Crafting the experience based on our developer personas - The first day had two tracks - 1️⃣ advanced developer sessions from the platform experts and 2️⃣a separate enablement track for those who are new to the platform. The decision to have two separate tracks arose from the developer persona study that we did before the event.

  3. Faster time-to-value - I call it the 0-to-60 time πŸŽβ‡‡. Akin to that, we established clear pathways for the developers to reach their end goal during the event. For example, one enthusiastic developer completed 2 apps from scratch! DevTools played a major role in enabling the new developers. Our platform SDK (Freshworks Developer Kit - FDK) and codelabs gave them a powerful guided experience to build sophisticated apps.

  4. Feedback loop - Valuable insights and asks from our developers were crucial feedback for the platform. We made sure they are completely heard of and we got back immediately on a few asks that already had solutions upfront.

  5. Yummy Food πŸ₯™ - I know this doesn't have anything to do with Developer Relations directly. It did, however, play a big role in making sure we were energized throughout the day.

  6. Teamwork - Now all of the above points wouldn't have been possible without the teamwork. I would like to thank the DevRel team and the engineering team for pulling this off successfully β™₯️

Freshdevs - Freshworks app developers

Say cheese! Berlin, Chennai

Omar - Partner Relationship, Hem - Developer Advocate, Ganesh Balaji - Go-to-marketing, GTM

Feel free to contact me if you have queries related to Freshworks Marketplace/app development.

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